About Masoud Valinejad

Dr. Masoud Valinejad 


Education and activities:

  • PhD researcher in Engineering at Concordia University, Canada
  • Research Assistant in ESDEN in Belgium
  • Referee of several international scientific journals
  • Has a degree of commercialization, construction, and sales of invention and innovative products from the IFIA Inventory International Federation
  • Development Manager in Nouveauté, in Quebec, Canada.
  • CEO & Managing Director of Research and Development at NovoSolTech Company in Oshawa, Ontario
  • 13 patents in the United States, and several gold medals in the global competitions.
  • Startup Business Development mentor


  •   Researcher
  •   Entrepreneur
  •   Critical Thinking
  •   Fluent in English

Dr. Valinejad is…


Dr. Valinejad has a lot of experience and multi-year activities in the development of start-up businesses, also writing and translating international books, highly skilled in developing innovative operating companies.

He works as the Chief Executive Officer and vice president of Novelty RED Inc. in ​​launching, developing, advancing, and attracting investors for new businesses and numerous companies in Canada’s business programs specific to innovators, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives.

All affairs related to the business plan, the trade concepts, and the development of customers’ trade, with the help of the company’s experienced team, are guided directly by him. The main role of these activities is the use of wealth growth and production power for companies with clear goals that are going to form in Canada and North America.

In fact, business developers play a key strategic role in bringing immigrant CEOs of companies with standard and modern methods to achieve residency, wealth, growth, and rapid market capture with a long-term vision.