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Novelty Research Education and Development (Novelty RED) is a Canadian company that has various departments including Business Development Department, Education Department and Immigration Development. The Business Development Department has WEB/APP services section, Advertisement section, Business Plan section, Product Development section, Education Department has English Exams section, English Preparation section, and Immigration Department has Immigration Services section which cover four types of visas.
We provide flexible teams of business developers with analytical and entrepreneurial mindsets, to solve your toughest business problems. With our clients, we craft and implement solutions with measurable results. No surprise then that leading global companies invite us to serve as their strategic partner for relentless growth.

Why Choose Us ?!

Flexible teams consisting of an experienced client director and manager supported by analysts and subject matter experts.

When needed our teams are global, providing 24/7 working capacity.
Our way of working includes developing hypotheses, thorough analyses, actionable insights and driving execution.
Building continuous and exclusive partnerships
We never serve clients with conflicting interests. In particular, we do not serve competing companies.
Extreme cost-efficiency
We work with minimum overhead and highly automated internal processes for maximal cost efficiency.
Open collaboration and knowledge sharing
We do not sell black box solutions. Our tools are openly shared with clients. Our client’s development and success is our success.
Our experience and expertise with great networks in North America
We have developed startup business and follow immigration process of companies from 2015. We have strong network for developing and improving startup companies in North America through applying for getting Letter of Support, Letter of Interest, Fund Raising, government and private financial supports.

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Famous companies trusted us, why you are not?

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