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What are your services?

Novelty Research Education and Development (Novelty RED) is a Canadian holding company that has various departments including Immigration services (, Business Development Department (, Education Department ( For more information, you can visit our departments’ websites.

How we can Order or book an appointment?

There are two ways:

1: Send an email to We redirect you to a right department.

2: You can check all departments, find which department can cover what you need, and contact directly.

I have a business how you can help me?

We can 1) develop your product and service (software and hardware), 2) help you to transfer your company to Canada and get work permit, 3) launch your startup business company and get Permanent Residence Canada through startup visa program.

Are you Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant?

Dr. Rezaei is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant many years’ experience in Canadian immigration in business categories.

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