Taxi fares in Quebec will increase by more than 17%

Taxi fares in Quebec will increase by more than 17%

In addition to the increase in fuel prices, food and housing costs, the Quebec Transportation Commission announced that taxi fares in Quebec will be more expensive than in the past.

In a 53-page decision, the commission detailed the history of taxi fares that show how the increase will be implemented.
Since 2018, the taxi fare has been $3.50 and this rate is set to increase to $4.10 in September with an increase of more than 17%.

Based on this, the taxi fare will increase from $1.75 to $2.05 per kilometer and from 65 cents to 77 cents per minute.

Also, between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., taxi fares will increase to $4.70 at the point of departure, $2.35 per kilometer and 89 cents per minute (about 33 percent).

Champlian Taxi President George Busius said that after nearly five years of flat rates, it’s time to raise fares despite our displeasure.

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Stating that taxi drivers are in a bad situation in terms of gasoline, car purchase, repairs, insurance, membership in the company, he said: We never want to increase the fare. If you ask any driver, they’ll say, “We don’t like it…but we have no choice.”

Noting that his company has lost vehicles and part-time workers due to high gas prices, Busius added:

Drivers sometimes don’t make a 20-minute trip to collect a fare because it’s not affordable. You yourself, who own a car, go to the gas station every day and have to pay 70-80 dollars for gas, how many hours do you really need to work to cover this cost?

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